bike powered in portland oregon
artisan - ethical - sustainable - award winning

craft brewing, cupping & roasting is all happening at
1847 E Burnside Street #105

Open Tuesday-Friday 9a-2p

What we do is roast artisan, ethical sustainable award-winning coffee to supply grocers, cafes & restaurants in the Pacific Northwest. We also have a rolling bike-cafe that brews exquisite coffee for special events.

Our coffees are roasted to highlight the nuances of origin while bringing out the nice caramelization that happens in a medium-roasted coffee. We do extensive taste testing spending a lot of time with the Chemex and Hario pour-over brewing methods and drink a ton of espresso. All of this is in the name of research.

Our coffee sourcing choices combine the very best coffees with a strong ethical position. In short, our coffees help people. We frequently bring in Cup of Excellence® coffees and those of similar caliber that we discover on our own. We won "Best Little Bean" with our limited edition and extremely expensive Nekisse Ethiopian coffee. We love to cup our coffees side-by-side with the very best.

The majority of our beans are grown by a cooperative of women farmers located throughout Central and South America and now Africa. Our importer, Café Femenino, is dedicated to enhancing the lives of women and children in coffee growing regions around the world. By drinking Trailhead coffee, you are not only starting your morning with wonderful flavors, you’re having a real effect in making the world a better place.

Our other coffees have a strong impact supporting local coffee farmers with higher than Fair Trade prices and help fund our women's micro-loan program throughout coffee growing regions.

Our Offerings

RWANDA Cafe Femenino
- Seasonal
We've been waiting for the return of this Cafe Femenino coffee! Hints of cocoa and macadamia nut followed by subtle notes of clove and cinnamon brewed as a pour over. To learn more about the great things being done at Cafe Femenino, visit their website. We are proud of our long partnership with them.

Corizon de Amazonas
- Seasonal
This Fair Trade Organic coffee comes from the heart of the Amazon in a town called Bagua Grande. The coffee was imported by one man, Juan, who knocked on our door and handed us a sample. We roasted it and fell in love with it's bomber chocolate notes as both pour-over and espresso. We expected it to be good but not this good. While we know the guy who has been on the farms, we need to visit Bagua Grande ourselves before we are comfortable calling it "direct trade"

PERU Altiplano French Roast - While not as dark as a traditional French, this Cafe Femenino coffee has a syrupy sweetness without the bitterness often associated with a traditional French roast.

GUATEMALA Tree Line Roast - This organic Cafe Femenino coffee can be described with three words: Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Amazing.

ESPRESSO Climber's Blend - In a commercial espresso machine or fireside moka-pot, this espresso is stellar. As a straight up espresso, macchiato or traditional cappuccino, tangy brightness develops into rich dark chocolate, toffee and a hint of molasses.

SUNBREAK Morning Blend - We’ve taken two origins roasted to different depth and brought out the magic in each by blending them into one fantastic coffee. Inspired by the fleeting nature of the sun during the Portland winter.

DECAF - We receive high compliments on this decaf, an unusual reaction. This is because we treat it with the same respect as our other coffees in terms of roast profile development and analysis. We also start with a lovely (and quite expensive) Fair Trade Organic coffee.

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