bike powered in portland oregon
artisan - ethical - sustainable - award winning

craft brewing, cupping & roasting is all happening at
1847 E Burnside Street #105

Open Tuesday-Friday 9a-2p

our cafe
the accidental cafe, by Trailhead Coffee Roasters

1847 E Burnside Street in Portland, Oregon
open Tuesday-Friday 9a-2p

We needed a place where people could come to the source and experience our coffees. We offer something nobody else has done: the dual pour-over. This is a mini-flight of coffee where you get to compare two different origins. Even if you think you cannot taste the nuances found in different coffees, when you have them side-by-side, you will. With cupping/flavor notes provided, this makes for a memorable and enjoyable experience.

It's an intimate space and it's where we do our roasting. You can also pick up a bag while you are here that is as fresh as it gets, sometimes still warm from the roaster. Do realize that coffee tastes best after a two or so days of rest after roasting. Often we will have coffees that can only be found here.

So come visit and let us share our coffees with you.

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