• Fruity

  • Smoky

  • Earthy

  • Chocolate

  • Caramel

  • Nutty

  • Citrus

  • Berry

  • Seasonal — Tanzania Ngila Estate

    This woman-owned estate coffee farmers has elephants, hyenas and other wildlife traveling through. We put elephants on the bag to celebrate this fact. Hints of cardamom, nutmeg and walnuts permeate this rich balanced cup.

  • Seasonal — Colombia Henry Serrato Farm

    Our second of three Colombian farms. We like Henry's coffee the best so far. I get a lovely sweet shortbread finish to this satisfying cup.

  • Sunbreak Morning Blend

    A balanced blend of chocolate, cinnamon and hazelnuts — a reliable staple.

  • French Roast Peru

    A dark and smokey classic french roast — good for gloomy days, and those who love dark roasts.

  • Guatemala Treeline Roast

    An earthy balanced roast of hazelnut and cacao — a campfire's best friend.

  • Espresso Climbers Blend

    A top secret blend that is bound to blow your freakin' mind — haters beware!

  • Decaf Moonlight Roast

    An Extraordinarily smokey, smooth and rich — great with desert.

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