Trailhead’s founder getting inspiration from the glaciers of Alaska

Trailhead’s founder getting inspiration from the glaciers of Alaska


We are currently working to become b-corp certified!

We believe in everything the B-Corp model stands for. Our focus on ethics and sustainability from day one makes us an ideal fit to become certified. So why now? Why didn’t we go for certification during our first year? Well, this business was started with a fist full of credit cards and a dream of helping people through the simple act of commerce. Running a small business isn’t for the faint of heart. There was nary an extra minute to pursue anything not directly related to day-to-day operations, never mind sleep. Our small but mighty crew has worked hard to move us from those days and now there’s time to catch up on long overdue tasks. So we are embarking on becoming B-Corp Certified. We’re on it!

UPDATE: We have completed the b impact assessment questions and have a score of 83. To be clear, we are NOT CERTIFIED. That requires a pile of documentation and review by the B-Corp organization. But we’ve answered the questions honestly and that is where we stand.

UPDATE #2: We continue to work on certification and have moved the needle up to 96.7 We did this by documenting stuff we’re doing already but also we are now paying our employees a bit more… as much as we can afford.

Learn more about the B-Corp movement here.