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small batch coffee helping communities

at origin and here in Portland oregon

grind. brew. drink. repeat.


Our vision for great coffee started at the trailhead: a place where people go their own way or come together to take in the vastness and nuance of nature, creating memorable, lasting impressions.

Wherever that trailhead is for you, we invite you to take it all in with an inspired cup brought to you by nature herself (and a lot of hard work in between).


We may be pedal-powered, but we’re driven by community.

With over a decade in the coffee industry, we know that the choices we make have a big impact both locally and at the farm level. From sourcing and roasting to packaging and delivering, we like to make the work we do count in a big way, both in our community and at origin.


At trailhead, we’re passionate about doing our part to support the local community. We do this by donating a portion of sales from a rotating coffee to local charities in Portland, OR, with a focus on underrepresented individuals and communities.


We make all of our deliveries to cafes, restaurants and markets in Portland, OR, via two hundred pound capacity cargo bicycles. Come rain, come shine, we choose bikes because they’re fast, efficient and lack the negative effects of gas-fueled travel. Our efforts help cut emissions and keep things a little quieter in our community. For destinations farther afield, we call upon carbon-offset UPS deliveries. 


Our coffee bags are made with earth friendly, plant-based materials, which help reduce the use of finite fossil fuels and mineral resources required to create petroleum-based plastic or aluminum foil lined packaging. 


We know that a great cup of coffee is the sum of its parts. That’s why we cultivate long-standing relationships with our farmers and source ethically from small plot, often women-owned farms. We gladly pay premiums exceeding fair trade prices for the dedication and tireless work that goes into producing every delicious cup.