On the trail - Mt Hood, Oregon

On the trail - Mt Hood, Oregon


We’ve been at this since 2009, and with a decade of experience under our belts, we’re able to offer everything to ensure a successful coffee/espresso program. If you’re looking for custom branding, roasts, blends, and even single origins, we’ve got you covered.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you are an overworked small business owner and simply need your coffee program to run flawlessly, deliciously and in line with your ethics. Whatever your vision is, we can support it. We can also train up your manager so you can focus on other things. If the manager is you, we will get you up to speed with respect for your time so maybe you can take a Saturday off once in awhile.

“You serve Trailhead here? Sweet!”

We hear that a lot.

So why would you switch or start up with us?

Impeccable ethics on coffee sourcing. Read more about that here.

Reliable delivery no matter what weather and traffic may exist. We deliver coffee via 200-pound-capacity cargo bicycle and augment our range with carbon offset UPS deliveries. Did you know that we were out delivering coffee in the snow when nothing else was moving? We are impervious to weather and traffic. When we deliver to our local markets, it is common for us to effectively race other delivery trucks who have the same route, visiting the same markets. Most days, we end up faster than our diesel-powered counterparts. We bike right up to the shipping/receiving door, lock and go inside while a truck searches for a parking spot.

Consistently delicious coffee. We roast scientifically and with solid repeatability and our sourcing follows the seasons. Coffee is a seasonal crop and freshness for all coffees is fleeting, especially so for subtle fruity/floral more sophisticated and nuanced coffees. This is top of mind for every order we place with our farmers.

Good Prices. We hear that our prices are lower than others in the craft coffee universe. And if you’ve received several price sheets, you too will see this. We’ve always run with lean margins and we work hard to stay in the black. When making decisions on quality, we advise you trust your senses. If your coffee program requires exquisite subtlety and perhaps a bit of magic, allow us to source even more expensive green coffee than our competitors at the same price point. There really is no upper limit to cost of green. We’ve seen coffees that would wholesale at well over $150/pound. We ourselves sourced a beautiful coffee, Nekisse… a blueberry forward natural process Sidamo that won us first place in a PDX competition which would wholesale for thirty-ish a pound. Such numbers are impractical for all but the most boutique shops but going up a more rational amount can allow single origin espresso or pour-over experiences for your customers that keeps them coming back. In short, let our lean margins deliver better value for your coffee experience goals.

We want your coffee program to be an extension of your vision, and we’re happy to go above and beyond to make that happen.

That’s just who we are.

Please reach out to taste some coffees and check out our production space. We’d love to have you. info@trailheadcoffeeroasters.com.