What you need

8-cup chemex

Chemex filter

Water just shy of a boil (205°F)

6 tablespoons (42g) of coffee ground to a table salt consistency

A scale and timer if you like to be precise

Your favorite coffee cup

STEP ONE:  Get your filter situated with the thicker side facing the spout. Give it a quick rinse with hot water to get rid of the papery flavor of the filter. Dump the rinse water and add your coffee.

STEP TWO: If using a timer, start it and slowly pour in water to just cover and saturate all grounds, or until you reach about 150g on the scale. Let the coffee bloom for about 45 seconds.

STEP THREE: At :45, start your second pour. You want to cover all the coffee grounds, so pour water slowly and with a spiral motion to about an inch below the lip of the filter, or to 450g of water. Wait one minute until final pour.

STEP FOUR: Pour water to the rim, or to 700g of water, using a slow, swirling motion. Let coffee brew for about 4 minutes total, or until coffee reaches the belly button on the body of the chemex.

STEP FIVE:  Remove the filter, pour into your cup, and enjoy!