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Empowering communities with small batch amazing coffee

small batch coffee helping communities

at origin and here in Portland oregon

grind. brew. drink. repeat.


Why trailhead?

We are but a witness to a much larger thing. We don’t create beautiful coffees. Instead we find beautiful coffees and our job is to uncover the magic already within the bean.


We source ethically from small plot farms and often from women owned farms. We discover amazing coffees through the many relationships we have developed after nearly a decade in the business. We write contracts with farmers where they always receive a good price for their dedicated and tireless work, always far exceeding “fair trade” prices.

roasting philosophy

We are precise and consistent in our roasting. We use a computer monitored Diedrich IR-12 for all production. Every roast is documented and saved. When we dial in a brand new coffee or a new crop of a long time favorite, we start with an informed blank slate and let the bean tell us where to take the roast. We highlight the nuance of origin while fully developing the bean and reaching our desired level of caramelization.


We use two hundred pound capacity cargo bicycles to move roasted coffee to markets, cafes and restaurants within Portland, Oregon. For destinations farther afield, we call upon carbon-offset UPS deliveries. We are out there in all weather making sure our customers are brewing every day. We choose bikes because they’re fast, efficient and lack the negatives of big diesel trucks. In short, we are better community members by quietly moving through the city safely and without pollution.


We do everything the big corporate coffee companies do and other things they cannot. Custom roasts, blends and origins? Yes. Custom branding highlighting your cafe? Yes. Training, equipment support, maintenance…. all yes. Flexible business terms and singular focus on your success… of course. That’s who we are. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more. Your customers will be stoked. Email is best:


We have an ongoing donation program where one of our coffees supports a local charity. We focus upon those who are under represented or otherwise in need. There’s so much work to do and we are happy to be able to help. We help coffee farmer communities at origin and we also are helping here at home in Portland.


We are a small company working hard and getting it done. We’re roasting coffee, filling orders, helping cafe owners and suiting up to pedal the big cargo bikes laden with delicious coffee to our local markets. Come in and say hello.