Cafe-level decadence out in nature: A wilderness tested recipe from Charlie

What you need

Moka Pot (so worth the extra weight in your pack)

Hand grinder

Bag of Trailhead Coffee, ground to a table salt consistency

Small carton of ultra pasteurized whipping cream

A resealable container (a jar works great)

Your favorite coffee cup 

STEP ONE: Fill the moka pot with filtered stream water or glacial melt. Add your coffee until just slightly overflowing. Compress grounds slightly but do not go nuts with a tamp-like pressure. 

STEP TWO:  Put it together firmly and place upon campfire or stove over medium heat.

STEP THREE: While the water is heating, take 3-4 ounces of whipping cream, place it in your resealable container and start shaking until your cream becomes whipped cream. Careful not to take it too far, or else you’ll end up with wilderness butter. 

STEP FOUR: Once you see your first drops of coffee, tilt the pot slightly in a circular motion for a few revolutions while keeping it on the flame to help improve extraction. You’re now ready to assemble your drink.

STEP FIVE: Pour coffee into two mugs, add your whipped cream to the top, give it a stir, and enjoy!

*A word of caution. You'll want to keep the perishable whipped cream cool at refrigerated-level temperatures. We advise this recipe for day one of your trip unless you're camping in cold weather.