What you need

Pour Over single-cup brewer

Melitta #4 filter

Water just shy of a boil (205°F)

3 tablespoons (24g) of coffee ground to a table salt consistency

A scale and timer if you like to be precise

Your favorite coffee cup

STEP ONE: Place your pour over brewer on top of your coffee cup, add the filter, and give it a good rinse with hot water to get rid of the paper flavor of the filter. Dump out the rinse water from your cup.

STEP TWO: Add your coffee grounds to the filter. If using a timer, start it now, and slowly pour water just enough to cover grounds. Wait 45 seconds.

STEP THREE:  Start your second pour, filling the brewer to about ¾ full for a total water mass of 340g. Total brew time should be between 2:45 - 3:15

STEP FOUR: Remove filter, and enjoy!