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our producers

Our sourcing focuses on ethics and coffee quality. We work with a mix of farms from individuals to ethically driven cooperatives. All of our relationships produce outstanding results both in the cup and for the farming communities.

We source from, and proudly support, Café Femenino, a cooperative of women coffee farmers and workers who have come together to build strong, independent communities fighting gender inequality and social injustice across growing regions in Central and South America. And we gladly pay premiums well exceeding fair trade prices for their tireless efforts and amazing results.

Another relationship we have is with the Catracha Coffee Group. You can read about all the great things they do here. We bought the entire crop from producer Clemente Vasquez last year and contracted for all of his hard work this year, which is exciting for us.

We ask three fundamental questions when buying coffee: Are the farmers fairly paid and workers properly treated? Is the coffee delicious? Is the land being sustainably managed? If a coffee doesn’t pass muster on all three, we don’t buy it.